Let's face it: The globe is spinning into a relentless firey downwards spiral of decadence and ecological collapse. Most of the things we do, enjoy and hold sacred, have become, at this point in history, and in actual reality, utterly pointless. This is a (currently) one-man project dedicated to meaningless pursuits for the sake of whatever. Following though with the traditions of Chindogu, the church of SubGenius, 'pataphysics and the most frivolous forms of internet nihilism, I hereby intend to spend as much time as I possibly can doing, well, meh 🤷. Sit back and watch in unabridged cringe as I do what most fail to realize is the equivalent of pretty much whatever it is you or anybody else is doing with their lives right now: essentially, nothing of meaningfull or intinsic value.

Web 2.0 took away all the fun and authenticity out of independent webmastery. Back in the day you HAD to learn HTML, and write at least some bits of code on your own. Now it's all dumb ass point and click interfaces for dummies. The situationists (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Situationist_International) were right: capitalism degrades the quality of every aspect of human life as it advances in it's relentless pursuit of gentrification and commodification.

Which is why I bought this domain and the idea is to make it into a web grafitti wall where I'm going to code in all the ideas random strangers tell me on the internet. It's a personal experimental net art project I want to take on as a hobby. I will be posting videos on my Facebook time-line every few days where I will show the process of programming and building the site, a la Bob Ross, but live and improvised. My intenton here is a little bit to revive ol web 1.0 culture, you know, the times of http://wwwwwwwww.jodi.org and real original, subversive net.art projects.

So if you're interested, feel free to contact me on facebook. It can literally be whatever crosses your mind, I don't care. The idea is to create an eclectic collage.